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A​​​​nnual ​​It​Is​My​Corner S​​​cholarship Program


Developed to help students facing tuition fees challenges, our annual $4000 ItIsMyCorner scholarship program is in the process of launching. The funds for this project will be acquired from our site.

In particular, this program is meant for individuals who have certain values in life. This includes creativity and people who are able to contribute significantly to our platform. Those who feel they can qualify for the program can make applications. This process is meant to identify any talented individuals who don’t have the resources to achieve their education goals. As a result, we use various special selection criteria to ensure the process is fair and to eliminate any bias.


How You Can Qualify?

This scholarship program is suitable for students in any university or college. That said, there are various caveats to take into perspective. This includes the fact that those who are under the age of 18 will need consent from their parents or guardians.

More so, we also have an affinity for those who have a passion for DIY Crafts and projects. In fact, our selection criteria are meant to identify individuals who have the same values and goals as our platform. We want people who are motivated, intelligent, passionate and with a good code of ethics. These are important when it comes to achieving any goal in life.


What You Will Need to Do?

The following are some of the stipulations for the application process:

Write a coherent DIY guide that averages in between 500 and 2,000 words. The content has to related to DIY projects and crafts. It should also comprise of step by step instructions for users. More so, the tutorial should also have some pictures and tips that will capture the reader’s attention. You are allowed to include perspectives from your personal experiences.

Your paper should also include the following:

  • Work on original ideas
  • The importance of your content to the average reader
  • Use a unique approach to your content development
Once we have all applications, four winners will be selected. Each winner will receive a gift hamper of $1000. The funds will be relayed to schooling institution that is you have registered in. Note that all applicants are selected on the previously mentioned factors, and notifications are sent through the mail.

Submitting Content

We need the following information along with your content submission:

  • Personal details include name, age and gender
  • The name of your college or university
  • Documentation that proves you are a student
  • School email address assigned to you (if applicable)

Note that, the deadline for all submissions is on November 25th. Any submissions made after will not be accepted. The winners of the contest will be notified approximately five days after receiving the submissions. Any relevant notifications will be sent through email.

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to use any submitted content in any way we deem fit. This might including posting, marketing and even branding the content on our site. More so, each student is only allowed to make one submission. Any submissions that are not well developed using correct English will be disqualified.