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Sweet 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

By admintim | Tips & Ideas

Celebrating your 16th birthday is considered such a huge accomplishment in life. Sweet sixteen is that phase in life where uncertainty is as peak as the candidate tries to fit in as a young adult as well as a teenager. It is one of the open and sweet age brackets where most adults wish time reminded to enjoy and stick to sixteen. This stage in life marks a slow transition to adulthood, which has most candidates try to mimic their older counterparts. Some of the gifts people that ideal for 16-year-olds should have an induction to adulthood.

The hormones are at the peak at this age, and it would be nice to get the sweet sixteens a gift that they find attractive and interesting. They like to prove points that they are done being childish, and you need to exercise caution to avoid the wrath of the intense mood swings. The best way to get a suitable gift for a sixteen-year-old is through intensive research. This article also outlines some of the ideal 16th birthday gift ideas to give them.

Promise Ring

Any piece of jewelry would be convenient to gift a sweet sixteen. Since this is a crucial stage in life, it is essential to shed some light and guide the little ones by making them honor a promise. A promise ring could help you give a sense of direction to the young ones. The teenagers need guidance since peer pressure could get the best out them, which may have life long consequences. The promise ring could be a simple promise to attend college, value family, avoid bad company, and so much more. As a guardian, you could make it a habit and culture in your family. Attach some value in the design to have the teen wear the ring everyday to serve as a reminder of a promise that they must keep.

Memory Scrap Book

A memory scrap bool could contain some of the special moments you have shared with your sixteen years old. It may include a collection of an old photo, souvenirs, mementos, and other phases in life that are crucial and relevant. The scrapbooks make great companions and sentimental attachments that make them ideal for sixteen-year-olds. Sixteen is a perfect stage to kick off the old habits and memories since its the beginning of a new chapter in life. It is important to be creative enough as you could include different forms such as photo albums, memory book, and videos.

Money Cake

Turning sixteen is such a huge deal, and the candidates borrow some attributes form the adults. They may consider backed birthday cakes as an offensive gesture, and they’ve attained the age where cakes shouldn’t hold the heart of the sixteenth party. Creativity is paramount, and it would take a well-thought idea to replace all the cake condiments with cash. The money you give will go along way in providing some extra pocket money before attending college. A money cake will surely raise their spirits because they could get the opportunity to purchase a personal gift. It is an easy thing to offer cash well concealed in an envelope, but it is memorable if you come up with a money cake.

Driving Lessons

In some of the states, individuals with the age of sixteen years and above could possess a driving license. It would be a great gift-giving the sweet sixteen an experience gift of enrolling in a driving school. It would be the first step for them to learn how to drive a car and get a valid driving license. Financially able parents could use the driving lessons as prior preparations to gifting them with a car on their 18th birthday. You could complement the driving lessons with the gas card for the family vehicle.

Trendy Room Decor

Another crucial gift idea could come from the interior decor of their rooms. It might have been long since the proper decoration was done to go along with their interests and themes. Teenagers tend to be private and introverts during adolescence as they try to discover themselves. It would be a great gift to renovate their rooms and consider some of their ideas. These rooms also conceal a lot of gossips from the friends who visit. Incorporate modern furniture and accessories such as floor pillows, hammock chairs. Change the color and include beautiful lighting, which gives the rooms a cozy feeling.

An Updated Smartphone

Children get familiarised with electronic gadgets at a very young age. Safety is usually a primary concern for parents who have children. They find it easy to monitor the movement of teenagers by giving them mobile phones or pagers. The only disadvantage kids have to face is maintaining an old handset that has been used for several years. Since sweet sixteen is another phase of life, it would be considerate for the parents to update their phones. They will soon join college, where they will associate with other peers where they need to feel socially accepted.

Spa Day With Friends

Your sixteen year old would probably enjoy the company of their friends more on their birthday. An incredible gift to them can be a fully paid spa day with some few friends. A thin line towards reaching adulthood separates the age of sixteen. Creating such a gateway and experience for them would prepare them for the successful transition to adulthood. Getting manicure and massage would be a huge deal for young girls. Giving them such a gift will guarantee pure enjoyment and fun. It will also be memorable, especially if it’s their first time to visit a spa.

You could also surprise them with a trip abroad for shopping and adventure. Try to create memories for them always to remember as they slowly join adulthood. Appreciate their efforts and advise them when necessary to avoid aking irreversible and reckless mistakes. Don’t condone alcohol consumption since they haven’t attained the legal age to do so.

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