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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

By Phoebe Nguyen | Tips & Ideas

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Picking the right gift is always a difficult task for most people, both men and women. Not knowing what the person likes or what they will most likely appreciate makes it very difficult to come up with a choice. It becomes harder with the wide variety of products available in the market. Despite these, buying gifts is one of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them especially when you share true friendship regardless of how long it has been. Some gift ideas to try out are:

Pillow Mist
For most people, the more tired they are the harder to fall asleep. This can be frustrating especially when one has to wake up early for work. At 30 your best friend will have obligations and will therefore require enough sleep in order to be fresh for them during the day. A pillow mist is a good gift as it eliminates chances of using sleeping pills. It induces a relaxation aura on the bed making it easier to fall asleep faster.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 1

Postcard Glass Block
One of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for best friend is giving them something that allows you to express how you feel and is durable. Like the paper postcards, glass blocks will give you the platform to write down what you like except they don’t wear or tear easily. They are a good reminder of your friendship and are perfect for both sexes. Glass block postcards are easily customized giving you a chance to engrave anything you want from encouraging words to relevant quotes.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 2


Wine Club Subscription
By the age of 30 most people prefer to stay indoors than go out. Since wine has many health benefits, giving your friend a chance to have a glass regularly isn’t a bad idea. Regardless of whether your best friend is an introvert or extrovert, they’ll most likely enjoy some wine. Making it easier for them to access that wine by getting them a subscription will most likely be appreciated. This type of gift is suitable for both male and female best friends making it more desirable.

Air Fryer
Since many health risks and complications are associated with lifestyle choices, ensuring your best friend data healthy will show that you care. The only way to do that is by giving them an option to cook healthy food. With air fryers, unhealthy consumption goes considerably down since they eradicate calories from cooking oil. They allow cooking with minimal oil without letting the food become boring or tasteless. Since you can’t always be with your friend monitoring what they eat, an air fryer is one of the great 30th birthday gift ideas for best friend.


Tile Finder
Most people have experienced a moment when they can’t find an important object they need urgently. Whether it is car keys in the morning when you’re late for work or your phone when you need to make an important call, being in that situation is never pleasant. Tile finder is fitted with a Bluetooth tracking device that will help you locate your missing items instantly by reminding you where you last had them.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 4


Travel Set Bags
Everyone needs to travel at one point in their lives whether it is a weekend getaway or a long vacation away. Giving your best friend a classic travel bag will therefore make her happy. A travel tote bag and pouch for example will be great for your friend’s business trips as she will be able to carry all her essentials and stay stylish. These fashionable bags are very strong and are available in different designs that your friend will appreciate.


Oil Diffusers
Oil diffusers work by breaking down essential oils into small particles before releasing them into the immediate surrounding as mist. They are available in different types with some needing heat to function and others use fans. A good example to get your best friend is an ultrasonic diffuser such as the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. It uses vibration to produce mist but it’s very quiet. Once you add any essential oil of your choice, you can use the LED lights to maximize the mood change.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 6


An About You Book
This is one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for best friend because it allows you write down different things you’ve overcome and all the things you have achieved together as friends. It becomes more applicable if you have been friends for a long time. It’s also a great way to write down some of your memories whether bad or good and will show that you truly value your friendship. You can make it more special by customizing the cover and making it all about her/him.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 7


Keyrings are a necessity since everyone uses keys and carries them around daily. Gifting your friend will mean that he/she will have a part of you everywhere they go. There are a wide variety to choose from depending on the material you prefer ranging from wood to stainless steel. Make it special by adding a personal engraving. It could be how you feel about your friendship or something funny.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 8


Whether you’re apologizing, trying to impress or celebrating special occasions, jewelry is always a good idea. You just have the most befitting one. A good example is a silver sterling necklace with a heart pendant to show you care about them. You can accompany that with a card showing your sentiments or just go for engravings on the necklace. Either way your 30-year-old friend will like the gift.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend 9


Best friends make life easier in so many ways. They are always there to offer their assistance and you understand each other perfectly. As such, they need to be shown that they are important on special occasions through gifts. Choose what your friend likes even if it it’s not what you like because their birthday is about them. You can choose to take your best friend out for shopping or eating. Just put some thought into your gift and it won’t go wrong.

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