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14 Awesome 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

By Phoebe Nguyen | Tips & Ideas

30th birthday gift ideas

It is a very wonderful gesture to honor someone with a gift on their birthday. As one attains the age of 30, this is the prime of their life and they should feel loved and encouraged to pursue on with life. A wonderful and well thought gift can go a long way to cement a good relationship and create a lasting impression. There are very many kinds of gifts that you can give to someone but you should be able to determine the gift that is most suitable for a particular male or female at their 30th birthday.

Here are the gifts that can be ideal for both male and female friends on their 30th birthday.

A designer watch
At the age of 30, one already acknowledges the importance of time and how it contributes to ones success or failure. Giving them a watch will help them to keep time but giving them a beautiful designer watch will not only be good to keep time but also an object of pride.
30th birthday gift ideas 1

A cool Smartphone

A good Smartphone could never go wrong as a gift for a 30th birthday. You can gift your friend a good phone that is up to date with the latest technology and it has to have a good camera to take selfies. You can buy a golden iPhone 6s for your male friend and a pink covered iPhone 6s for your female friend.

30th birthday gift ideas 2

A cozy slipper

House slippers are both ideal for your male and female friends and getting one for them is a way to show love for them. They will always remember you when they are walking comfortably and majestically around the house with their slippers.

30th birthday gift ideas 3

An elegant camera

You would want your friends to explore when they are still young and at the age of 30, this is the best time to do so. During your friend’s birthday, you can gift them a good camera that can take elegant pictures and record wonderful videos to post on Instagram or to keep them for memory.

30th birthday gift ideas 4

The gifts that are most favorable for ladies at their 30th birthday are:

Dual foot massager

It would be a very nice gesture to give your female friend a beautiful foot massager to relax when she gets back from work. Such a move shows that you mind their welfare and that you appreciate what they do to fend for their lives.

30th birthday gift ideas 5

A beautiful necklace

A 30 year old lady needs accessories that will make her look more beautiful and look elegant. A nice designer necklace will be a gift of beauty and it will make her appreciate you all the time she puts it on. A golden necklace with crystal finishes will be unique and one of a kind. You can also personalize the necklace with her name or initials.

30th birthday gift ideas 6

Lip gloss

Women love to look good and at this age, their looks could mean a lot from how they are dressed to how they are groomed facially. It is of great embarrassment if a lady has cracked lips because it not only makes them look less beautiful but also make them look uncaring to themselves. Buying a lady a set of lip gloss during her 30th birthday will help her improve her looks and boost her confidence.

30th birthday gift ideas 7

Elegant shoes

Shoes are a darling to ladies because they are an object of beauty and elegance to them. You can impress a lady by giving them a nice pair of designer shoes that fits her class and stature during her birthday. Doing this will make her love you and strengthen your bond and she will always appreciate you for the gesture.

30th birthday gift ideas 8

A fluffy coat

Ladies love to feel cozy and warm when they are at home or are out or a harsh weather. A fluffy coat looks cool and can be worn both indoors and outdoors because of its unique design and elegance. You can also gift your lady friend such a fluffy coat for their birthday to make them look cool and beautiful.

30th birthday gift ideas 9

A bracelet

You can give your friend a unique customized bracelet for their birthday with her name or initials inscribed in the bracelet. The bracelet can be of great meaning to them because it will mostly last very long and she will remember you always when she sees it.

There are also various gifts you can offer to your male friends for their 30th birthday:

VR Headset

Entertainment is mostly the first priority for men when they are out of work and just want to relax during the weekend. A virtue reality will give them an extraordinary dimension to the way a man entertains himself and it could be very comforting. You can give your male friend a virtue word to make his leisure time a moment to enjoy.

30th birthday gift ideas 11

Bottle opener

Some things might seem very small but they offer a lot of conveniences when needed. A bottle opener can be of great help to a man for opening beverage drinks instead of using their teeth. You should also consider giving your male friend a bottle opener for his birthday; it can be a ‘dental’ saver.

30th birthday gift ideas 12

Men’s grooming collection

Men also need to look nice and well groomed because it attracts a lot of respect and self confidence. Therefore, giving your male friend a collection of grooming accessories for his 30th birthday can also be a very cool thing to do. It will, uplift his spirits and he will never be disappointing with his looks.

30th birthday gift ideas 13

A bike

Many guys like bikes because they offer a lot of travelling conveniences and can be used for fitness workouts. When you offer your male friend a bike for their 30th birthday, it would be a very beautiful gesture that you care.

30th birthday gift ideas 14

Appreciating a person during his/her birthday can leave them happy and give them a feeling of being loved. It can also cement a good relationship and make you respect each other and also think highly about each other. It is therefore good to go these kinds of kindness because they might mean a lot.

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