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11 Great 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

By Phoebe Nguyen | Tips & Ideas

Family giving a gift to grandmother for her birthday

Although all birthdays are important, the 60th birthday is usually celebrated with much pomp and style, since this age also coincides with retirement age. At this age, on the one hand, a person is free of many responsibilities and, on the other hand, feels the solitude and very lonely. Therefore, the 60th birthday should not be something that reminds them of their age but should contain elements that lead to some activity or show their love and care for the recipient. Sometimes the gifts should rhyme with what they love and like most in their life.
You can stop and remove all your confusion and worries when it comes to buying gifts for your 60th birthday for your relative, friends and parents, as there is an excellent variety of the presents that can please both men and women. In this case, however, it is always advisable to choose something that shows your concern and affection for them. The first thing that moves your mind when you think about their 60th birthday ideas is to give them something that can capture the memories of their lives. The 60th birthday gift ideas that may be preferred here may include the following:

1. Filmstrip Montages

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 1
Film strip mounts are unique montage prints that use between three and nine of your selected photos. The photos are printed in series and framed with a strip of film that gives the images a touch of Hollywood treatment to any photos. Use the photos or picture of the recipient of your prized car, yacht or even pet they love to create a unique and a well-loved 60th birthday gift ideas.

2. Photo Calendar

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 2
Most probably, photo calendars allow you to add three to nine photos. Create a cover with a favourite photo and add a text that goes with it. Each of the individual monthly pages can also be provided with a photo and an inspiration text label that will be added below it.

3. Photo Books and Photo Albums

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 3

Of course, photo albums and photo books are also designed to contain more than one photo. Customize the cover and even create a custom presentation box. While the photo album requires the application of photos on each page, the images are printed directly on the pages of a photo book, creating a professional and lasting appearance and feeling.

4. Jewellery

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 4

When talking about the 60th birthday gift for women, jewellery is a too important item to overlook because they like and love them very much. Whether a woman is 16 or 60 years old, she barely has jewellery from her expected gift list. Women love to decorate themselves at every stage of their lives. You can observe your grandmother in this context, which still seems reserved in her makeup.

5. Greetings on CDs or DVDs

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 5

A birthday is a good time to become sentimental. It is the perfect day to remember the good memories of your youth and to remember your lovers and special friends. Since long distance often makes it impossible to physically gather all the people to celebrate at a birthday party, the best alternative is to gather your audio voices and send special greetings as the best alternative ways. Whether it’s a voice recording or a video that shows your love, appreciation and admiration, they simply fill your heart with so much joy.

6. Birthday Hat

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 6

Buy your favorite man or a woman a 60th birthday hat with a fun slogan like “60! Done that, Been there, Can’t remember!” We guarantee that they will laugh every time they are golfing, fishing or hunting friends laugh at them. You can even think about the next birthday milestone and a 60th cap. Buy to get a collection of fun hats.

7. CDs and DVDs with a Series of Past Events

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 7
To make the birthday moment even more special for children’s birthdays, you can collect a series of events that have been fundamental since the recipient’s birth. These unusual personalized gifts would help them become aware of past events and what they were good off. Also, you can present CDs and DVDs of the best-selling films and music albums of the best-known artists of their time. The presentation of the iPods can also be a good idea for the 60th birthday if the recipient is a music lover. It gives them the opportunity to listen to their favourite music whenever they want.

8. Scrapbooks

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 8

This is a unique option that allows you to organize the images and photos of the recipient in the correct order. Starting with the photos, when they were born at their baptism event, then their marriage and experience of how they became parents as well as grandparents. These are the 60th birthday gift ideas that allow them to remember important events and memories of their lives.

9. A Set of Wristwatch

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 9

Wristwatches are the most elegant gifts for men and women and can be presented at any occasion. A range of stylish and fashionable wrist watches is now available.

10. Personalized Heart Trinket Box

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 10

A Personalized Heart Trinket Box is a fantastic way to express your affection for someone who is nearby. Silver and heart-shaped for this charming effect. This fantastic birthday gift will be presented with a carefully engraved message of your choice to the recipient.

11. Gift Baskets

60th Birthday Gift Ideas 11

They are usually preferred for children with baby accessories for usage. Whether you choose your grandparents or parents for the gift, gift baskets can be effective and best alternatives to them. If you want to personalize a gift, you can use the hobbies and preferences as a basis to select the basket. As for the ideas of the 60th birthday, if one like to listen to songs, you can find their favourite songs, collect them in a CD and give them.
There are many gift ideas for friends that you can suggest to birthday friends if they need help choosing a gift for their friend. If you suggest gift ideas, consider the taste and preferences of the recipient of the gift. Also, remember that everything you plan to do is in line with the 60th birthday gift ideas. A personalized touch of the idea or the gift certainly makes it special.

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