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DIY Album for Dad

By Phoebe Nguyen | DIY

DIY Album for Dad

Dad is one of the most important people in a family, the love without limits that they show us, the sacrifice and efforts that they make in life just for us, It is good to make them feel appreciated and loved back by their lovely family. Though shopping for a man is had, here is a perfect idea of how to send the perfect message of love to Dad. Be sure this gift of a kind will warm any tough guy, and he will truly cherish it. This “do it yourself” guide is carefully written, arrange step by step method. It is clear that when you read it, it’s easy to understand and full of practical ideas in it. From what you are about to come up with, it is unique, and this goes with the fact that men like unique things, he will appreciate and be humbled for this kind of gift that is made with a lot of love by his family. Another fact is that men love pictures that remind them good moments or important people like his family. Space, where you can write that lovely message you have for him, is available in the gift. This gift has covered all these likes of men, and so you are sure of the best and perfect gift to this important man and the only one in your life ever.

DIY Album for Dad

For this DIY project you will need
  • Case for CDs
  • Printed photos
  • Few cardboards
  • Pen or marker in color that you want
  • Scissors


diy gifts for dad
First you have to find CD case that will suit to your needs. I’ve chosen to be in round shape with around 12 layers inside, each can fit 2 CDs. The idea is to put your pictures and quotes in the place of the CDs. When you a choosing your pictures be a little creative and choose the best moment spent with your father. Maybe starting with pictures from you when you were baby, then some pictures where you are playing together etc.
Now, you have to choose which pictures you are going to use. Have in mind that the pictures have to be big as one CD. To help you a little I’ve already measured the size of the CD, it is around 12 cm diameter. When you have chosen your pictures it’s time to print them.
diy gifts for dad diy gifts for dad
Now, take one CD, draw some circles on your pictures and cut those circles using scissors. This circles are going to replace the CDs inside the case. As you know the possibilities are limitless so you can also choose some quotes instead of pictures. You can fill the case for CDs only with pictures, with pictures and quotes or using only text.
diy gifts for dad diy gifts for dad diy gifts for dad
I’ve decided to mix pictures and quotes. Some of the quotes I’ve used were:
” If daddy can’t fix it, we are all screwed. ”
” Strong hands, soft heart. ”
” Daddy’s little girl. ”
” Daddy you ROCK! ”

diy gifts for dad
You can be creative and use some other quotes. Also have in mind that you can use case in a square shape, but I’ve found this one that worked perfectly for me. Also, know that you can decorate the outside of the case. I’ve used this project as fathers gift so the outside suited perfectly for my occasion. To give this gift more personal touch you can always type the text by yourself using some interesting handwritten font or you can print them. I’ve chosen to use mixed quotes. Half of them were printed and the other half were written. For writing I’ve used black pencil, but you can use anything you think will work, maybe some stamp if you have or maybe marker in any color that you want.
After you write the quotes, take some old CD, draw a circle as big as the CD and cut it using scissors. To decorate a little your quotes you can always draw some pattern in the background. For example, on the one quote by the edges I’ve drawn a little stripes so I got some effect like sewing. You know that the possibilities are limitless and you can use anything you want. Just use your imagination.
Just know that you don’t have to fill all the album right now. You can add some pictures later.
diy gifts for dad diy gifts for dad

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About the Author

My name is Phoebe, and I reside in Santa Ana, California. Whenever I go through a day that’s been full of nothing but stress, I like to unwind by taking part in various types of crafting, which has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy crafting as a way to simply pass the time whenever I don’t have anything else going on.

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