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DIY Anniversary Gifts for Him

By Phoebe Nguyen | Tips & Ideas

Homemade gifts are extra special. There’s no doubt about that. Who wouldn’t want to get handmade gifts for his Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion? There’s something very meaningful and personal about a gift that you put some thought and time to make yourself. The main goal of handmade gifts is to offer something that’s individual and personal to the person receiving them. While in some instances you might spend more, you’ll certainly give a meaningful and distinct gift.
Looking for the best do-it-yourself gift for him for your anniversary? Well, your search has come to an end.

The following are the top 10 DIY anniversary gifts for him:

#1: DIY String Art Heart

Making your own gift and/or decoration is not only economical but also trending. The design options are endless. There’s no doubt about that.DIY string art heart is one of the most fun projects you can handle for that special person in your life. The do-it-yourself string art heart is one of the best anniversary gifts for him. It always turns out to be so cute. This gift is ideal especially if you have someone special you’d love to offer your ‘’heart’ to. Your loved one can put it on his desk or wall to remind him of you each minute and day you he sees it. The fact that it’s handmade and created from the heart will certainly speak volumes about how you feel about him.

When creating a do-it-yourself string art heart, you can use an array of color combinations. Basically, there aren’t any rules to creating this gift. Feel free to express your creativity fully.

Without a doubt, he’ll cherish the gift. Get the artistic part of you flowing as you piece together this amazing and beautiful string art heart.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#2: DIY Lantern of Can

We all love making and/or receiving homemade gifts, don’t we? Personally made handmade gifts feel so special and personal. One of the best do-it-yourself gifts you can give to that special person in your life is a lantern of can. One of their best attributes is the fact that they’re effortless to make and also look stunning. Tin can lanterns are ideal for summer evenings either in the garden or even inside the house. They’re incredible for lighting up evening ceremonies like wedding receptions.

You can make them in your loved one’s most loved color. Anytime you pop some light inside the lanterns, their glow will mesmerize him for sure. The patterns look pretty both on the inside or outside. He can use the lantern as patio lighting or on the mantelpiece. The lanterns are unquestionably versatile. He can use them to brighten his guest’s day whenever he places them throughout his home. You can rest assured that he’ll adore your creativity.

Show someone how special he is with this impressive and easy to make homemade gift.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#3: DIY 3-D Photo

Personalized gifts are without a doubt the best. The good thing is that nabbing one for your special one does not have to break the bank. This is especially true if your gift involves photographs. Are you looking for the best gift idea involving photos? If yes, then look no further than a do-it-yourself 3-D photo.

When you combine the passionate love of 3-D with photography, there’s no limit to the beauty that you’ll manage to create. One of the major reasons to settle for gifts related to photos is the fact that they’re full of memories. There’s no exception of this DIY 3-D photo gift. Every time he sees, he’ll always remember all the far you guys have come. Create one and surprise your loved one with it. He’ll certainly love it.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#4: DIY Exploding Box Card

An exploding gift for him is an amazing gift idea for birthdays, anniversary and valentines day. He’ll certainly fall in love with this wonderful, creative gift. With it, you’ll be able to prove your love for him by showing how willing you are when it comes to creating special gifts just for him.

By making an exploding box card, you have the opportunity to bypass the oddles of conventional store cards and make your own. Because he’s special, you have to make something that’s special to him too. An amazing feature of a do-it-yourself exploding box is the fact that it brings with it an element of curiosity. A unique surprise in something that’s so meaningful and personal is certainly one of the best ways to make his day.

Create this box today and play with the different creative ideas available. You can rest assured that the box will turn out to be his favorite.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#5: DIY Heart Shape with Folding Book Pages

The art of heart shape with folding book pages perfectly combines the love of paper crafting and love of books. The 3-D sculpture created depends on a pattern that one chooses as well as the kind of fold utilized. The pattern allows you to excellently fold a heart to a book.

Is your special someone into books? Is he a book lover? Then the DIY heart shape with folding book pages is the perfect gift for him. Rather than throwing away that book which you no longer read or use, you can turn it into a piece of lovely art to act as a gift.

The double heart design is certainly a real statement piece. That is for sure. Whoever is lucky to get this piece will surely be amazed and appreciate the care that went into creating the gift.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#6: DIY Heart Shaped Balloon

Balloons rock the world, right? The fact that you can turn them into a super ginormous heart just makes everything fancy, sweet and lovely. Do-it-yourself heart shaped balloon is a cute heart that’s ideal for a special occasion. Do you desire a heart balloon that’s even more impressive for him? Then you can combine this heart shaped balloon with an array of other sculptures. There’s no doubt that the heart is beyond eye catching. Whether you’re a beginner or skilled at crafting this anniversary gift, you can be sure that the process of making it is very easy.

He can use it as a fun décor piece or as a backdrop.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#7: DIY Spinning Stick

The do-it-yourself spinning stick is certainly one of the best anniversary gifts you can give to your special one. This is especially true if he is into the spinning technique. Just like a fidget spinner, a spinning stick boasts as much fun. The best part about making this great gift is the fact that it doesn’t need costly items to make. You can spice it up by adding what he likes to the stick. This goes miles in making the gift more personal to the personal receiving it.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#8: Hula Hoop Photo Frame, Learn to Make Your Own!

Everyone loves any gift trend that’s an effortless DIY. However, if you’re looking into adding some fun and style into your gift, you need to step into the nearest toy store and grab some hula hoops and change them into an awesome photo frame.

Most people have at one point in their lives played with a hula hoop. If you still do, then it’s time to repurpose it completely and change it into an incredible decoration. One of the best gifts to share memories in terms of photos is by creating a handmade Hula Hoop photo frame.

There’s plenty of things that he can do with a do-it-yourself hula hoop photo frame. All you need to do is pick your photos and get down to creating one awesome piece of anniversary gift for him.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#9: Message on Wood

There’s something very special about receiving and giving gifts made by hand. Have you been looking for a completely unique gift to consider for birthdays, Christmas or anniversary? If yes, then look no more than a do-it-yourself message on wood. Gifts made of wood are excellent whether for your brother, son, partner or even friend. Most definitely, your family members and friends will admire your woodworking project.

The best part of this gift is that you can always decide the words to engrave on your piece of wood. Once he receives the gift, he can hang it on his wall, place it on his office desk or any other way he deems necessary.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

#10: Red Heart Button Craft

There’s nothing that hurts that knowing a gift you gave your special one isn’t what he wanted or desired. It can be really tough, embarrassing and stressing. Consequently, if you’re looking for something special or unique, you would want to think of a handmade gift. Buttons have turned out to be a staple in many people’s craft kits. You can make plenty of cute crafts using buttons. There’s no one who doesn’t like a charming and sweet handmade craft as an anniversary gift. The red heart button craft gives you exactly what you desire in a do-it-yourself gift. It’s very simple and easy to make.

=> Here is tutorial for this project!

In Summary …

Special occasions such as birthdays, holidays as well as moments of ‘’just because’’ are excellent opportunities to offer a well-thought gift to some you really care about. The last thing you’ll ever want is to spend your hard-earned money on a gift that will sit on a trinket he’ll look only once or on a shelf unused. Gifts that don’t serve the purpose aren’t worth your money. That’s why you should create a gift for your special one right at the comfort of your home rather than purchasing one from the store.

Grant your family and friends that special feeling with the above top 10 DIY anniversary gifts for him. The best part about the gifts highlighted above is the fact they’re not only good for anniversaries but also for every season and occasion.

About the Author

My name is Phoebe, and I reside in Santa Ana, California. Whenever I go through a day that’s been full of nothing but stress, I like to unwind by taking part in various types of crafting, which has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy crafting as a way to simply pass the time whenever I don’t have anything else going on.

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