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Red Heart Button Craft

By Phoebe Nguyen | DIY

Are you looking for a fun and charming craft to put together for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Well, look no further with this Red Heart Button Craft! This craft is unique and sure to surprise even the person who has it all.
In this DIY, you will learn step-by-step how to create this magnificent Red Heart Button Craft. All you need to construct this craft is the few materials mentioned in the tutorial, and a little bit of your own creativity. This craft takes plain buttons and transforms them into a delightful piece of art that is sure to be a conversation starter.
Whether you choose to make this craft for yourself or for someone special, it will be sure to foster interest whenever someone lays eyes on it. Let your friends and family dote on your ingenuity when they see how you can transform regular items into artwork!


Red Heart Button Craft

This is really beautiful DIY project that you can use for house decoration and also you can give it as a gift to your loved once, for St. Valentines or anniversary.


For this DIY project you will need
  • Clear canvas with frame
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lots of red buttons
  • Different sizes of red pearls
  • Pencil


You can choose the size of the canvas to be bigger or smaller depending of your taste and the number of red buttons you have. My canvas was around 20cm x 30cm. First take your pen and draw some heart shape on it. If you can’t draw a regular heart shape, take some sheet of newspaper, fold it on half and cut half heart shape on it so when you open the folding you will get full heart shape. Put it on the canvas to help you draw a regular heart shape.

Use pencil to draw the heart on the canvas.

Now you can start arranging the buttons inside the heart to see how it will be looking.

When you are happy with the look you can start gluing the buttons. For gluing I was using hot glue gun, I’m not sure what other glue you can use to stick the buttons on the canvas. As I said previously I’ve used different sizes and shapes of red buttons. I’ve chosen to use red but you can use any color that you want.

When you are going to glue all the buttons it’s time to finish the look of the heart. I had some gaps between and around the buttons left empty and the shape that I get didn’t felt like regular heart. So I took the little red pearls that I had and I started to put some glue to the space that left between the buttons and the line of the heart pouring of the pearls on the glue. In that way I get the perfect heart shape on my canvas.

With this step your project is finished. The canvas that you ended up with you can use for home decor or you can give it as a gift from heart to your darling.

Also, have in mind that the shape don’t have to be heart, you can make any shape, number, letter, quote in any color you want. Also, have in mind that you instead of button you can use lots of other stuffs. For example you can write a quote with the letters of an old keyboard that you are not using anymore. Maybe you would like to use pearls in one size or in few different sized instead of buttons. You can also, use some shells depending of the taste of the person that you are making this gift for. The possibilities are limitless, and the person that this gift is meant for will be enormously happy to have a handmade gift from his or her loved one.

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About the Author

My name is Phoebe, and I reside in Santa Ana, California. Whenever I go through a day that’s been full of nothing but stress, I like to unwind by taking part in various types of crafting, which has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy crafting as a way to simply pass the time whenever I don’t have anything else going on.

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