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DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

By Phoebe Nguyen | Tips & Ideas

While some folks are into the thrill that comes with gift hunting, others dread navigating jam-packed malls and gift stores. Handmade gift ideas are special, aren’t they? There’s nothing as personalized as learning how to create your own birthday gift. Any handmade gift is truly one of a kind. For sure, no two hand crafted creations will be the same. As a result, every piece has a special meaning.

DIY birthday gifts certainly a personal and special touch that gifts from online or retail stores do not. You can make a do-it-yourself gift extraordinary if you know your boyfriend really well. It’s possible to make it speak to your partner in a deep way. Actually, this is one of the major pluses of handmade gifts.

Looking for the best DIY birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? Do you want a birthday gift that will make your boyfriend remember you every time he looks at it? That’s the whole idea of a gift, right? Check out these creative, sweet, and romantic handmade gift ideas to sweep your boyfriend off his feet during his birthday:

Top DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Gift Idea #1: Romantic DIY Lanterns

Whether you use them in your living room, balcony, or garden, lanterns are magical. Lanterns are a beautiful way to dress up the home, outdoors or indoors, personalized or not … They’re not only romantic but also set the ambient. Certainly, lanterns aren’t just a simple element of décor. They’re an experience. The radiance of lanterns focuses the mind, calms the heart, and transforms the day. There’s something special ethereal about a room or place lit up by lanterns. All these are concrete reasons why you should give your boyfriend a romantic DIY lantern for his birthday.

Whether he chooses to have his gift frame the steps of his staircase or tier on his dressing table, he’ll surely love their soft glow. What’s more is that each time he looks at the do-it-yourself lantern gift you gave him, he’ll be amazed about how romantic you are.

A DIY lantern is the ideal gift to celebrate the life of someone special. Once you present this creative gift to your boyfriend, you can light it and have him make his wish. A romantic gesture it’ll be. There’s no doubt about that!

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #2: DIY Recycling of Old CDs

Remember the good old days when guys had shelves full of CDs with movies or music? Do you still have yours? Then DIY recycled old CDs can be a perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend. DVDs or CDs might have become unplayable and old after a while. Nevertheless, you can create something phenomenal using these pieces for that special person in your life.

Whether you choose to make a dazzling bird bath, make a trippy lamp, or create colorful coasters, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to DIY ideas using recycled CDs.

Birthdays are opportunities to give a sweet and memorable gift to someone you care about. There’s something meaningful and personal about a gift, which you took time to make yourself. Recycling old CDs or DVDs goes miles to show how creative and thoughtful you are.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #3: Handmade 3D Pop-up Cards

Have you noticed that there’s plenty of pop-up cards are around the web lately? All of them are using intricate, sometimes sophisticated gluing and folding techniques. Fortunately, you can use one basic technique to create numerous pop-up cards. Let your heart effortlessly leap off the page with a DIY 3D pop-up card.

Handmade 3D pop-up cards are the best way to express love and give away pure joy to your boyfriend. Pop a wish to him with a pop-up card he’ll never forget. These cards aren’t just cards. There’s more to them than just a present. They’re a lasting memory.

On your card, you can let your partner know how much you treasure him through sweet words from the heart. Warm your card with best wishes and love on his birthday. While making your card, one of the things you should do is allow some color difference because of the different production batches. This is especially true if you’re using an array of colors.

You can make his birthday more special and festive with a handcrafted 3-D pop-up card. How about that!

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #4: DIY Personalized Magnets

It’s very nice to receive a gift on your birthday. Knowing you’re cherished and appreciated by your partner makes one feel on top of the world. That being said, what gift are you planning to give your boyfriend on his upcoming birthday? Are you confused on what to give him? Have you exhausted your birthday gift ideas?

Truth be told, the best birthday gifts are handmade ones. No matter how small or big the gift, it’ll certainly bring a smile to his face. The best attribute about DIY gifts is the fact that you can whip them in a flash, with relatively no money or time. What an effortless way to shower your boyfriend with love!

Having been with your boyfriend for several years, it can be challenging to settle for gift. That calls for improvising. One of the gifts you can hand make and present to him during his birthday are DIY personalized magnets. There’s plenty of designs available to give you an idea on how to create your magnets. They all depend on preference and individuality.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #5: Do-It-Yourself Bottles with Wishes and Messages

A DIY bottle with messages and wishes is a fun experiment and an entertaining craft. This art has been popular for several years now. In fact, some send bottles containing messages to their loved ones in different countries. Yeah, that’s how romantic this idea is.

There’s no better way to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday than with this DIY craft.

It’s magical with what you can do with just a simple bottle. The stylish little message-filled bottles are an excellent alternative to the everyday cards. All you need to do is hand make your bottle carefully and put in some sweet message (s) for your loved one.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #6: DIY Heart Décor

Love-themed parties are thrown year-round. That is for sure. As long as your partner receives loves hearts, sparkle, pink, purple etc, you can never go wrong with this theme. Is it the birthday or décor that gets everyone love-drunk? To be fair, it’s a combination of the two.

Hearts are everywhere. Handmade hearts are not only easy to make but very romantic too. Do-it-yourself heart décor are not only fun and classy but also romantic. They speak volumes about the place of your boyfriend in your life. Regardless of the color you choose, what is for sure that the special person in your life will certainly fall in love with this gift idea.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #7: DIY Jar Containing Date Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift for your boyfriend can be hard. This is especially true if you’re shopping whom has everything in life all figured out. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on a gift that probably sit on the shelf, unused. You also don’t want to buy a trinket your boyfriend will only look once in his lifetime.

There’s nothing that hurts more than knowing the gift you chose for his birthday isn’t what he wanted or desired. Are you looking for something creative and special? Do you want a gift that’s not only unique but is also one of a kind? Well, you need to contemplate about presenting a handmade gift rather than buying from a store.

Nothing beats a handmade gift from the special person in your life. The main purpose of a handmade gift is to offer something that’s individual and personal to the recipient. While some of the do-it-yourself gifts will cost you more, ultimately, they boast more meaning. Bless your boyfriend in his upcoming birthday with this do-it-yourself jar that contains date ideas.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #8: DIY Handmade Card with Pictures

It can be quite challenging to settle for a great gift, especially for a picky boyfriend. This is where the sheer importance of a handmade gift comes in. When you opt to make your gift instead of purchasing, you’re at liberty to use things such as materials, colors, fragrances that your boyfriend likes. That way, you’re most certain that your loved will enjoy and appreciate.

One of the things that a gift (and especially a birthday gift) should do is show the recipient that the giver put some thought and time into it. A gift should also show that you perfectly know the person you’re giving it to. Your gift should suit the hobbies and personality of your boyfriend. Simply put, a gift is a form of expression of love to your special one.

A handmade gift such as this DIY handmade card with pictures sends a message that your boyfriend is worth your time, thoughts, and money.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #9: DIY Cardboard with His Favorite Book/Newspaper Page

Few gifts feel as great as receiving something that you certainly know someone gave his all into creating it. In fact, hand crafted gifts introduce an amazing ‘’love factor’’ to the whole gift-sharing vibe. Just ask anyone who’s had a teddy or afghan bear made specifically for them how they felt.

Do you enjoy crafts or creating something out of nothing? Then a homemade gift is fun to make for sure. The whole creative process gives you unadulterated and pure pleasure. If you are a creative person, then you should consider a DIY gift compared to a bought gift.

A do-it-yourself gift such as this cardboard with his favorite newspaper/book page goes miles to show that you truly know and care for your boyfriend.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Gift Idea #10: DIY Photo Lens

Every year, it gets more and more costly and challenging to find gifts for special people in our lives. Some of the gifts on stores online and retail are of poor quality. Birthday gifts made by yourself definitely express the most love. It’s an amazing way to give a heartfelt and thoughtful gift to your boyfriend. Handcrafted gifts show emotional and personal connection with those you love.

This DIY photo lens will not mesmerize your boyfriend on his birthday; it’ll also make his day special.

Here is tutorial for this project!

Wrapping Up …

Ever found yourself totally confused when shopping for the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend? If you’ve been there, you can certainly understand how terrible one feels. Choosing a gift for your boyfriend becomes particularly difficult if the two of you have been together for quite some time. Chances are high that you’ve given him almost every gift available at the store.

The best solution in such situations is making him a gift using your hands. Handmade gifts are not only unique; they also go miles to show how special and treasured a loved is. There’s nothing that can beat the uniqueness of a DIY birthday gift. Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner? Are you worried that you don’t have any gift to give him? Well, worry no more! Just choose any of the gift ideas above and show your boyfriend how much he means to you by hand making a special gift for you. All the best as you handle your DIY birthday gift project!

About the Author

My name is Phoebe, and I reside in Santa Ana, California. Whenever I go through a day that’s been full of nothing but stress, I like to unwind by taking part in various types of crafting, which has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy crafting as a way to simply pass the time whenever I don’t have anything else going on.

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