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DIY Bottles with Messages and Wishes

By Phoebe Nguyen | DIY

Wine or bottle sodas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These varied qualities give you all the reasons to consider the option of re-purposing its use. You will be shocked by the vast amount of beautiful items that can be made from these bottles. The best thing you can give your girl or boyfriend is a heartfelt gift which took you a remarkable effort in making. Achieving a high result from the bottles is simple.

Write some brilliant quotes and get those fun pictures that you took some time ago and find some place for them on the bottle. It is a real wonder how you can turn some old bottles into stylish picture frames. The use of bottles is an inexpensive, smart and classy way to impress the love of your life. Well, I hope you now believe that you can make something incredible with an old bottle. So, now here are the best ways of sending the most beautiful messages and wishes via a bottle.


Easy DIY Idea Bottle with Wishes or Messages

For this DIY project you will need
  • One good looking bottle
  • Printed messages (wishes)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard in two colors
  • Marker


First you have to find lots of messages or wishes. I’ve decided mine to be wishes that are going to become reality one day… so 50 wishes printed on a regular paper.

One advice that will help you a lot. When you type your wishes on your computer make sure that you will leave more space between the messages so when you cut the messages the paper pieces will be bigger.

When you cut all the messages or wishes it’s time for rolling. Take one message and start to roll it on the shorter side. When you reach the end take one little piece of the ribbon and tie the roll with the ribbon.

I’ve used red ribbon to tie the messages but you can use any color or type of ribbon that you want.

When you finish it put it in the bottle. Repeat the same procedure for all the messages or wishes.

I’ve chosen to type wishes, 50 wishes to become true for your birthday. Here are some of my wishes you can use:

“ I wish you to get older, but to never grow up. ”

“ With another year older I wish you to be another year sexier. ”

“ I wish you to always smile while you have teeth. ”

“ I wish you lots of good memories to remember. ”

“ Wishing you lots of hugs and kisses for your birthday. ”

When you finish with all your messages put them in the bottle. Remember that you can always use more or less messages. It doesn’t have to mean that you also have to use 50.

Now it’s time to decorate your bottle a little bit. I’ve decided to put some card on it with message that lets you know what is in the bottle. So I took two pieces of cardboard bigger and smaller one. The smaller one with cream color and the bigger one in red. I’ve cut them in a shape of a discount ticket. Glue them together in the way that the smaller will be on the top side. Then write some message on the card using some pencil in color or marker. My message was “50 wishes to become true for your birthday”.

When you write your message on the card you can make a hole on the card so you can hang it on the bottle. I’ve used some thread, wrapped it a few times around the bottle and tied the card with the thread. To make your card more interesting you can draw some short lines on the cream corner of the card using marker to get some sewing effect.

Here is one additional advice. You can handwrite all your messages or wishes so in that way you are going to gain more rustic and personalized look to you gift. Here is the final look.

Video Guide

About the Author

My name is Phoebe, and I reside in Santa Ana, California. Whenever I go through a day that’s been full of nothing but stress, I like to unwind by taking part in various types of crafting, which has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy crafting as a way to simply pass the time whenever I don’t have anything else going on.

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